Lately, we've enhanced some strategic alliances with our datacenters and providers. These alliances allow us to provide the latest hardware, latest operating systems and features for our customers at the best possible price available.

As of 11/1, we're making some MAJOR changes to the package lineup. The new package features are:

All packages include:

* No Setup Fees!
* 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
* 24 Hour Helpdesk
* Live Sales Support
* User Community Forums
* DirectAdmim Control Panel
* Free Installatron
* Nightly Backups*
* Multi-lingual Control Panels
* Apache Web Server
* Server Side Includes (SSI)
* Frontpage 2002 Extensions
* CGI-BIN For each domain!
* .htaccess Capable
* Unrestricted Subdomains
* Exim Mail Server
* Mail Forwarding
* Mailing Lists
* POP3 + Webmail
* Scripting Tools
* AWStats
* Webalizer
* SpamAssasin
* ProFTPD FTP Server
* Backup And Restore Manager
* Usage Reports
* Site Statistics
* File Manager
* File Upload
* MySQL Databases
* Traffic Monitoring
* WebDAV availble by request
* Hotlink Protection
* Easy iFrame Maker
* ...and much more!

Twister: (This package will blow you away!) $6.95 per month.

3.5GB of Storage (Disk space)
50GB of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
Unlimited add-on domains
PLUS All our regular features above.

Blizzard: Got a hot site? The blizzard package coats you in cool. $9.95 per month.

5.0GB of Storage (Disk space)
75GB of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
Unlimited add-on domains
PLUS All our regular features above.

Hurricane: Will drench you with space and bandwidth. Your site can grow and expand until you don't know what hit you or from what direction! $14.95 per month.

10GB of Storage (Disk space)
100GB of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
Unlimited add-on domains
PLUS All our regular features above.

Reseller Earthquake: 14.95 per month.

8GB of Storage (Disk space)
50GB of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
Unlimited hosting clients
PLUS all our regular features above.

I'm SO excited to be able to offer these phenomenally increased packages. I'm even more excited to explain some important information here.

Our new policies limit the number of clients per server. You'll see other hosts saying "oh, there's only a couple hundred customers per server". I call ********. I've SEEN servers at other hosting companies (first hand knowledge) that have nearly ONE THOUSAND sites per server. Folks, that is overselling. Try using your full disk space allocations.. or your full bandwidth allocations. You can't.

So, we're limiting clients per server - what does that mean?

Quite simply, every customer will be able to use EVERY byte of diskspace and bandwidth allocated to them. Some servers will have less than 20 clients on them. No server will have more than 40 clients per server - PERIOD. That gives you the ability to use every byte you're given - no questions asked.

We have a few simple rules. 1) phpBB is still "outlawed" at HostPC. If we find it, we disable it, no questions asked, no warnings. Know that when you sign up. 2) AWSTATS may not be installed on a user account. It's installed server wide for the protection of the server. If you install it to a domain, it WILL be deleted when found. 3) We do not allow ANY illegal content - explained fully in our TOS/AUP.

Clients existing under a previously priced plan will continue to enjoy their same renewal price for as long as their account remains active, or they may choose to upgrade to our currently offered new quotas, stated above.

Who is HostPC? HostPC is the leader in Directadmin web hosting, providing DirectAdmin since August 2003 - webhosting since November 1998. As we enter our 8th year this month, we're on track with our established business plan, and remain a privately funded company, under the same ownership continuously and serving thousands of customers in 26 countries on 4 continents.

HostPC has also released a 99.9% Network and Server uptime guarantee, updates are posted in our public support forums.

Thank you for making HostPC the largest, and most continuous DirectAdmin hosting company in the world!