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    It depends on the loyalty of the customer... if they trust the company so much, they might even stay for a month.

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    There's a host in Argentina, who charge about $3 per year (yes, that's correct, not a typo), their servers are down at least 2 hours per day (minimun), however, a lot of people said that for $3 pear year is good enough, since those are personal page they don't care much about the downtime.
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    Depends on which site.

    I have a lot of websites. If it affect the low traffic one, maybe I can wait for a week. But if my main websites, one hour downtime can already make me crazy... - Never pay more for your logo!

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    Yeah, pretty much depends on what sort of web sites you are hosting with your web host. Like Jedito said, they were personal pages so people generally don't worry.

    However, I believe if it is an legitamate medium, large, sometimes even the small ones, are receiving more than 72 hours of downtime without an explanation, something has to happen.
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    Having downtime always makes me nervous. I know it happenes from time to time to even big companies but I must have good explanations after all.

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    An hour-downtime for a commercial site of the client may lead to the loss of $$$, but I feel there's certain ratio: the price of hosting is in reverse proportion to the amount of downtime.

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    If the customer is not serious enough on his/her website, then a week of downtime is nothing.

    I experienced a week of downtime as well and I tell you its not a good feeling. I did wait for the host to get back (as we have been friends for a while) in about 8 days to be a bit exact but that's just about it. After a week, I was moving all my sites to another host. I dont want downtime to happen again to me not even for an hour.

    The serious folks like me can't bear it. Its a natural feeling to look for alternatives.
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    Again as many said it all depends on the customer. If it is a regular business contact page or an ecommerce page or a personal website. Some customers a more lenient then others but if you are costing someone a large amount of money chances are they won't be understanding.

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    I wonder if there сould be a poll on the hosts with the greatest downtime. Have you heard about anything like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHIC
    I wonder if there сould be a poll on the hosts with the greatest downtime. Have you heard about anything like that?
    I don't get why you would want to see the hosts with the greatest downtime, I'd rather see hosts with great uptimes. Check out the following:

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    Would depend on the reason, although I would probably get fed up with over a days downtime without good reason

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    well some normaly wait a week but most of my friends old ones ( when he had lots of downtime) they waited over 3 weeks to get there servers online

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    it seems on line ;)
    It depend on your needs. If you do not use your site to do business and have free hosting, you will have no big problems from say 1 hour downtime five times a month.

    But if you lose money for every minute your site is down you will not accept less than 99.9% uptime which means less than 43 min downtime a month
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    It varies greatly too depending on if the downtime is announced. It is a lot easier to accept and thereby notify about planned downtime to fix and issue or implement something -- over the dreaded random downtime due to a problem. In the end it's really a personal preference on how much downtime is acceptable to you though, I don't think others averages would really apply : )

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    I wonder why so many people still use only one host.
    There are so many cheap hosts with relatively good packages.

    If you don't like downtime, get a backup host.
    It's pretty easy to do DIY failover (or by using reasonably priced commercial services),
    within 15 to 30 minutes of downtime at primary host.

    Also, it gives you more time to choose another host when you want to swith the primary host after lengthy downtime or bad services.
    You will feel much better with a backup host always ready, and you can use it for testing, hosting secondary sites, for fun, and so on.
    (It will act as a complete data backup of your site, as well.)
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