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    * A scary Halloween story.

    Try to stay calm when you read this - and maybe ask someone to accompany you home.

    This story happened about a year or two ago near Aughrim Co. Galway (Ireland), and even though it may sound like something out of
    the X Files or from Alfred Hitchcock Presents... it's real!

    This guy drives from Ballinasloe to Kilreekill and decides not to take the new A road, as he wants to see the scenery. The inevitable happens - when he reaches the outskirts his car breaks down - he's stranded miles from anywhere.

    Having no choice he starts walking on the side of the road, hoping to get a lift to the nearest human habitation.

    It's dark and raining and pretty soon he's wet and shivering.

    The night rolls on and no car goes by, the rains are so strong he can barely see a few feet ahead of him.

    Suddenly in the distance he sees the headlights of a car coming towards him and it slows and then stops next to him - without thinking the guy opens the car's door and jumps in.

    Seated in the back, he leans forward to thank the person who had saved him when he realises there is nobody behind the wheel!!! Even though there's no one in the front seat and no sound of any engine, the car starts moving slowly.
    The guy looks at the road ahead and sees a curve coming (remember, this is in the hills and there is a steep, steep drop beyond the curve).

    Scared almost to death he starts to pray, begging the Lord for his life.

    He hasn't come out of shock, when just before he hits the curve, a hand appears through the window and moves the wheel! The car makes the curve safely and continues on the road to the next bend.

    The guy, now paralysed in terror, watches how the hand appears every time they are before a curve and moves the steering wheel just enough to get the car around each bend.

    Finally, the guy sees lights ahead. Gathering his courage he wrenches open the door of the silent, slowly moving car, scrambles out and runs as hard and fast as he can towards the lights.

    It's a small town. Wet and in shock goes to a roadside bar, which is open, and asks for a drink. They find some Whisky and give him a shot. And he starts telling whomever will listen about the horrible experience he's just been through.

    A silence envelops everybody when they realise the guy isn't drunk, and is really frightened - he's crying and shaking.

    So they give him more booze and talk about what they should do, whether to call the police or find a priest, or what.

    But just then two strangers walked into the bar. And one says to the other,

    "Look, that's the eejit that got in the car when we were pushing it."

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    LMFAO! That was pretty good, nice LoL!
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    Lol, that is pretty funny.

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    Did he claim this happened?

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    LMAO I thought this was going to be a good haunted story. Ya know, being halloween and

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    Mmm, same.

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    Surely if you were the guys pushing the car you would have told the other guy to get out and push?!

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    You got me, I thought he would encounter other ghosts in the bar or something like in Children of the Corn by King...

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    That was really funny. I thought the town people would tell him about something that perhaps happened in the past. Like someone getting killed in the same road or something. LoL
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