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    Question problem with no solution "kernel upgrade on centos 4.4"

    hi there
    i tried to upgrade my kernel to the latest kernel and i made it for about 10 times and in every time i reboot the server it never comes back online and the data center report it's a "kernel panic" and boot my old kernel again
    at last i got the exact error that showing this

    "creating root device
    mkrootdev: label / not found
    Mounting root filesystem
    mount: error 2 mounting ext3
    mount: error 2 mounting none
    Switching to new root
    Switchroot: mount failed: 22
    unmount /initrd/dev failed: 2
    Kernel panic - not syncing: Attemppted to kill init!"
    i really need a solution for the kernel to be upgraded and booting successfully
    so any suggestions ?! i'm using centos 4.4
    thamks for help

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    Is there an adamant reason that you need the new kernel version?
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    If you are compiling a source kernel you are not including a required driver etc. make sure you have hotplug in the kernel.
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    thank you for your response Steven
    yes i'm compiling a source and i understanded from your words that the problem is in my hardware configuration , so , how can i know the exact hardware drivers i should install from "make menuconfig" and what is hotplug means ?
    sorry if i asked a lot of questions

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    Looks like the bootloader is not configured properly. CentOS should be using the grub bootloader.
    If so, check the file /boot/grub/grub.conf

    Make sure it is set up similar to a working kernel you have installed.

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    yeah hawk82 i know this and it's configured correctly but still can not boot

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