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    if i wanted to buy a .tv domain, what are some restriction i will encounter. if any?

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    Why you don't want to read your registrar's tos for .tv restrictions?
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    Why do you think you'll encounter any restrictions?

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    i found out

    hmm. i just got an email from moderator saying something about commercial advertising. so with that in mind, all i can say is that my registar denied my purchase of a .tv domain because apperantly i HAVE to have a tv show? that sounds crazy, so i am not going to mention the registar domain seller. im scared to post anything on this forum now, but i appreciate your input. what im going to do? i'll go to another registar and this time i'll ask an actual person before i purchase on their online website. They are giving me a hard time refunding me the money for a domain they rejected (can you believe it). anyways, thanks for your input..

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