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    First Class Dedicated Server

    The Internet has become a place for an entire amalgamation of businesses and the future will only show how people will browse through the information, communicate with the rest of the world, share knowledge, participate in projects or shop online.

    The rising era of online business increases the demand for a reliable and powerful web hosting not only for corporations and other enterprises but for personal needs as well.

    Therefore, we have expanded even further our dedicated server offerings in order to meet the demand of our most advanced customers. Now we have offer the option to build your own server up from scratch and thus have total control over your entire business platform.


    *Optimus $99/mo
    # Intel Celeron™ 2.4 GHz
    # 1 GB RAM
    # 80 GB IDE Hard Drive
    # 700 GB Monthly Traffic

    *Value $150/mo
    # Athlon64 3500+
    # 1 GB Dual Channel RAM
    # 2x300 GB SATA Hard Drives
    # 1000 GB Monthly Traffic

    *Elite $200/mo
    # Athlon64 4800+ Dual Core
    # 2 GB RAM
    # 2x300 GB SATA Hard Drives
    # 1200 GB Monthly Traffic

    *Supreme $390/mo
    # Dual Opteron 265 Dual Core
    # 4 GB RAM
    # 4x300 GB SATA Hard Drives
    # 1500 GB Monthly Transfer
    # 3Ware RAID Controller

    *Custom $ xxxx/mo
    #You can build your custom dedicated server by choosing between a lot of options:
    # 1. Select the hardware.
    # 2. Specify which software should be installed.
    # 3. Allow sufficient traffic.
    # 4. Log into a desired Control Panel.
    # 5. Think of the DNS.
    # 6. Let us care for it with Managed Services.


    * FREE Remote Reboot Device
    * First-class hardware
    * 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    * Complete Root Access
    * OS updates
    * Optional hardware upgrades
    * 24/7 technical support available via telephone, chat and e-mail

    Build your own server configuration or ask our experts!

    Visit us now at

    Or please visit our low price semi-dedicated server offer at

    We hope that from now on we offer an expedient service for everyone of you!

    Best Regards,

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    irc allowed?
    ddos protection?
    uplink description?
    extra IPs?
    IP to test ?

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