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    Server Move

    Good day! My first post here after lurking around for years and years.....

    I'm about to upgrade to a larger server. I currently have a reseller account which has grown rather quick in the past few months. I am wanting to move it over to a VPS at Liquidweb, however am unsure as to how it is done. I know how to transfer one site at a time, but how would I go about moving all of the clients over without interupting their service if possible.

    Is there a step by step tutorial on this somewhere? Liquidweb wont do it due to liability reasons so it will have to be done myself.


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    Since you are a reseller and don't have access to root WHM, I think you'll have to download backups from each account and upload to the new server.
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    If you use Cpanel, you can use transfer multiple accounts feature.
    After the transfer is done, update dns for all domains.
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    Also check the tutorials on WHT for this. I believe they have a post that will give you step by step instructions on how to transfer multiple accounts as PremiumHost has suggested.
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    since you have full root access on your VPS what you can do is full backups from your reseller accounts and move them to your VPS and move them to the /home folder
    once the backups are there run

    /scripts/restorepkg USERNAME

    Replacing USERNAME with the user name of the account that you're trying to restore.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Right now the reseller account is with hostgator, so im using cpanel and WHM. I've been told there is a backup tool just for this purpose within WHM. I've also been told HG has disabled this feature due to security reasons.

    Anyone have a link to one of these tutorials mentioned above?

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