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    Site with 100,000+ Unques Daily

    Can anyone tell me what servers would be required for a site with more than 100,000 Unqiue visitors Daily . The site is a Social Networking site and also has a IPB forum .

    Whats the requirement for the webserver and also the Database server that can handle the load even for the future.

    How much will it cost me to buy those servers along with RAM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How many users do you expect to be online at once?

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    CPU: Dual Xeon 3.0+

    Webserver: lighttpd/zeus

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    Hopefully 2000-5000 in future.

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    Webserver: lighttpd/zeus
    Apache Cant Handle it ?

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    Go for following specification:

    Pentium IV Dual Zeon
    2 GB RAM
    160 GB Hardisk

    This specification should work for your site.

    Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by students
    Apache Cant Handle it ?
    Apache will need more RAM,you would like lighttpd at 2G RAM.

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    The performance of an Opteron > Xeons.

    You probably would want to setup your site like the following,
    Dedicated server for simple HTTP, serving the pages, etc. (Apache should be able to handle it)
    Another dedicated for serving the images (Apache again) - since I'm pretty sure that most social networking sites involve alot of images.
    And finally another dedicated working the database, which would probably be MySQL.

    Expect for all three servers to be around Dual Cores/CPUs at around 3GHz, 2GB Ram, 40GB (make sure it's fast) for the first apache server; 160GB for the image server, and 80GB for the database server.

    Make sure that the above have high bandwidth - as you'll probably be using alot of bandwidth - at 100Mbit (For speed).

    This should cost you probably just under a thousand per month.

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    This should cost you probably just under a thousand per month.
    I dont want to rent . I want to buy . And regarding images .. the Site is completely CSS based

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    You can drop the image server then.

    As for renting vs. buying - you still need to pay a monthly fee regardless.

    Buying the servers would be called "co-location". You buy the servers, have it shipped to a datacenter, who provides you the bandwidth (or the "internet link" in layman's terms).

    Renting: 600/month roughly for two servers.
    Buying: 3000 for buying the servers, and 200 dollars per month.

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    lighttpd definately, apache simply takes too much memory

    also use innodb MySQL table type, its very very fast! (bo full text search tho)

    as for hardware alot of ram, about 4GB maybe? also i found Linux Suse10 64bit performs excellently

    im not sure of the actuall site specs but hope that helps

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    Where do you host now? how much bandwidth are you using? is that uniques or visits?

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    Definitely Dual processor...

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