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    Talking Dedicated Servers - Good Deal!

    hey all, i just got 2 dedicated servers that I want to do something with.

    I'll be glad to give away as many IPs as you need as long as you can justify them.

    /25 - /26 - /27 - /28 -->really all up to you.

    DUAL 600Mhz
    1U Server Rackmount
    36GIG SCSI (10K RPM)

    Basically the best offer wins...WAIVING ALL SETUP FEES.
    traceroute to for network tables!

    If your interested PM me back or email me at [email protected]

    Take care everyone

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    how much bandwidth is inculded in this deal?

    also what's the connect you've got to burst able to 100mbits?

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    Yes, 100 megabit. Also will be soon getting a link from verio backbone link cogent.

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    I think he means how much monthly transfer comes with the servers (??? GIGS/MONTH).

    I might be interested in taking one of them off your hands if you can answer the question. I wouldn't be able to pay top dollar, but I'll try to come up with something reasonable if the transfer amount is decent. Be intrested in using it as a mySQL server, so the processor isn't as mission critical as the ram and harddrive.

    EDIT: judging by the pricing on your site this is going to be out of my range. Ow well, never hurts to ask.

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    Acutally I'm willing to let them off at a goodl deal

    I got 1 meg pipe I'll let off with it 2

    320 gigs...95% MRTG

    throw me a price on PM or here and I'll prob. accept it

    let me know

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    95% MRTG
    You mean it's billed on 95th precentile? That would be another turn off. Most people have a strong prefence for actual transfer, as then at least you know what you're going to be paying at the end of the month.

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    $50 a month.
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    I'd pay $50.

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    Hell if those are being given away for $50, I'll take two!
    -Mat Sumpter
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    I'm still waiting for MrM to get back to me. Been waiting for 2 days now. I certainly had more than $50 a month in mind.

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