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    [Request] new design template and integration help

    I am looking for a new design for I have had that design for several years now (almost 5, actually) and I think it needs to be put out to pasture.

    What I am looking for: (someone may already have something like this - it is hard to comb through all the threads)

    1. A modern template in the blue/gold color spectrum. I like a more colorful site (seems more alive), as all one color sites, or even sites that are all shades of one color look very dead to me.

    2. A little flash - it may be a little trite now, but I like a little 'zap' at the top of the page. The now old school 'servers with power bolts on them' is still something I like.

    3. Integration with my forum (phpbb), my billing software (WHMAutopilot) and my helpdesk (undetermined - have to find something new). For WHMAutopilot, I need a screen for the order process and a screen for my customer's to log into their section. I see that there are companies that specialize in doing just integration, so if you are not comfortable with this or just don't like doing it, don't sweat it.

    4. A plan comparison page - once again, this may be a little trite, but there is just something - I don't know - so 'excelish' about those little checkbox charts.

    5. An updated logo for my company.

    What I like about my current site:

    1. The plan names. Although Mite100 is outdated (as I offer more than 100MB now), I still like Mite, Mega etc as plan names and would want graphics for those. Same with reseller plans.

    2. The phrase at the top. Kinda corny, but that is how I feel about it.

    3. The color scheme. Like I said, I like blue/gold - although that may even be a little orange on my current site.

    The truth is, I am a techie and a sales guy. I just can not do design, as I have 'zero' creative ability. That is why I need your help.

    You can either post in this thread, PM me, IM me or send an email.


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    M2sterHosting would like to do this for you. A designer/coder will be emailing you within an hour on the price and what exactly you want.

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    also, whats your email?

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