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    PureFTP vs vsFTP

    Both say that they are small, fast, and secure. I want an FTP server for personal use so I'd be the only one using it. I can't decide which one to go with since they claim the same things...could anyone give me a hint on which to pick for my situation? Thanks!

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    i would suggest pureFTP for unknown reasons - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
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    If you are only having it for personal use, then I guess most FTP servers are fine, as you don't really care about CPU utilization and throughput under high currency, etc.

    Personally I use PureFTP for a small community site on a 256Mb VPS because:

    1. Easy to write custom authentication. I have to authenticate against a WordPress user database so authors can upload files to their sites.
    2. Can be invoked from xinetd, so there's no need to run a standalone daemon, so less memory used.


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    from the pureftp website:

    the number of root exploits found since the very first released version is zero.
    pure-ftp because its the most secure

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    We were using proftpd in the past, and we had many problems with it. Since we switched all our servers to pure-ftpd, and it's really a good choice.

    The only thing that CAN be annoying, is that by default on Debian, pure-ftpd needs the capability kernel module (default linux capabilities, found under security in make menuconfig). It's allright when you know in advance (now we always compile this module in the kernel, and our VPS setup script adds the load of it at startup so our customers have no issue).

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