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    HostingZoom Overselling?

    I've got some problems with my shared hosting account over @ When I signed up for them, a few months ago, they were OK. Everything was working. I could send newsletters without any problem but for some time now everything works like SH*T. I've got 1000+ subscribers and I can't even send e-mails in batches of 100. My scripts are getting killed. PHPList is getting killed and even trying to send 200 emails, 100/cycle, from Joomla/Letterman doesn't work. The script gets killed.
    I really think this situation sucks because I signed up for 2 years and in the first few months everything worked great... so no chance for a refund now

    Is anyone else having similar problems? Or is it just me?
    Their tech support isn't exactly helping...

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    Ask them to move you another server..

    They are good but when more customers sign-up, they put more and more customers on servers then people start crying :-)

    I had chance to use them 8-9 months before. Actually they are good..

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    Are these scripts that have previously worked? Maybe HostingZoom did something like turn off register globals on your server.
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    It's not about register globals or anything similar. Just that e-mail sending takes A HUGE AMMOUNT OF TIME. I've runned the script manually, from CLI, 11 minutes ago to send 100 e-mails and its still running... Oh, and yes, the scripts worked before. They were blazing fast!

    And I'm getting bored of waiting...

    Script finally finished:

    batch limit reached: 100 (100)
    Script stage: 5
    100 messages sent in 788.74 seconds (456 msgs/hr)
    6 emails failed (will retry later)
    Finished this run
    Reload required

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    There must be a limitation as hourly email/domain allowance?
    I think its 150 per domain in 1 hour or contact them for more informations..

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    They said it's 400/hour.

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    hmm strange...
    No more information avaliable? Just you or script run the mail-script and it becomes killed?

    Anything else?

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    Well... like what? =/
    Like I said, now it doesn't get killed anymore, but it's hell slow... and the crontab thingie seems not to workm I actually have to run it manually...

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    Like some mails you get from HostingZoom or from script that says mails cant be sent...

    Anyway, its hard to imagine without having access to admin/root. But its obvious that they or other shared companies limit customer's resource allowence upto their plan.. A gold plan will be better than basic plan as resource allowence I mean.

    Hope to see it works,
    There is nothing else to do in our end

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    well, I'm pissed because those limits weren't in place when I signed up. If those limits would have been in place when I signed up, I would have asked for the money back then!

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    Sorry but its usual..
    Limitting the customer on shared accounts a "must" for a shared company..

    Then we would host our biggest web sites on a simple shared account -not on dedicated servers- which is bough from X-company from $3-4/mo. And they would start suffering from high loads, attackings etc..

    So, wherever you go as a shared customer, you will see limitation.. Try another solutions like VPS or Dedicated.
    Dedicated is 100% dedicated to you and limitations are only with your hardware..
    VPS is not 100% dedicated to you but better than a shared account.

    And no one tells the limitation while sign-up They are all located at TOS or AUP links etc...

    I hope this helps you,

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    well not a big deal
    they have just capped those resources but fair enough for shared hosting - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
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    My suggestion would be to bring this issue to Hosting Zoom and ask them why it is taking so much time to send the batch of emails. From what I read here - you haven't addressed that with them - just asked what their limits are.

    This board doesn't work for HZ and therefore can not give you any better of an answer than HZ.

    From my experience - they are more than willing to work with you on this.

    Another thing -try setting up a cron to send these emails out after peek times - say like - 3am or something. Might speed it up then.

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    The following is direct from HZ/RZ and was put into place October 5, 2005 (over a year ago).

    The limits for the maximum number of emails each domain can send out per hour are as follows and effective immediately:

    Budget Server = 200 emails per hour
    Advanced Server = 500 emails per hour
    Premium Server = 800 emails per hour

    We recommend you throttle these limits even furthur to x number of emails per y number of seconds. An example:

    15 emails per 300 seconds on Budget server
    40 emails per 300 seconds on Advanced server
    65 emails per 300 seconds on Premium server

    So it really depends on your hosting package as to how many emails you can send.

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    He's with HostingZoom so the limit is:
    "You may not send more than 600 emails per hour. Any emails sent over this limit will be discarded." - Section 7.9 of the AUP

    Also someone said something about register_globals and yes this was just recently turned off on all servers.

    If you have any problems you are more than likely be able to solve them if you send in a ticket through their help desk or catching someone on live chat and by explaining the situation.
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