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    Another positive review of SeeksAdmin


    I found out about from WHT. As I needed somewhat custom setup / installation, I contacted them.

    They responded swiftly and secured my server just the way I asked them. Even too much, but within no time, all wishes were met.

    Therefore, I would recommend them to anyone who has unmanaged server / colo and needs to secure it. They also helped me out with some basic terms and ideas how to keep my server on the safe side.


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    Glad to hear you are satisfied with the services we've provided you with thus far.
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    Thanks you to share your positive hosting experience with us.

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    Very happy customer as well, I'm a new customer of them and so far things are going very smooth.

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    Im really starting to love those guys over there at seeksadmin too. I just hope they dont get too big and stop providing stellar service as a result.
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