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    cheap plesk license ?

    anyone knows where I can buy plesk license @a good price ? perhaps over a reseller ?

    Thx for the help

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    As far as I know Plesk is only available directly from SW Soft, it is cPanel which you have to buy from a reseller.

    One way of getting it cheaper would be to buy a VPS license for Plesk. You could buy a very large VPS which would preform at almost the same level as a dedicated server - but this depends on your needs.

    Also don't forget that with Plesk you can pay for the number of domains you want. If you only need it for small use you can buy a 1 or 10 domains license, medium use 30 or larger 100 or unlimited. If you need a larger license then you can probably afford the extra

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    If you only need it for 1 domain, you can get plesk for free...any more than 1 domain, and you need to buy the license.

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    he he.. nope.. need one for 300 domains

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    Many hosts providing dedicated servers or co-location will rent Plesk at a decent monthly rate. If you do not wish to actually BUY the license and simply rent it, you can get a pretty good deal.

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