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    Running PHP, SQL server on Windows host

    Hi People,

    Need some advice here.

    The site that I am soon to be working on will sit on a clients dedicated server (Windows, already running asp and SQL server)

    The client is keen to use PHP/MySQL now (because of consistency with other sites hosted elsewhere)The client has spoken to their contact for their dedicated server and they said they can install PHP onto it but not MySQL because of security issues?

    Do you know if this could be true?

    If I cant get the php/mysql combination, are we better off using asp/sql server or would a php/sql server combination be possible?

    Thanks for your help in advance,


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    PHP and MySQL on Windows 2000 is no problem. Sure, you need to set MySQL up properly to ensure it's secure, but that's not a problem. And it's free, unlike SQL Server.
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    Thankyou very much for your reply!
    Is there any scripts people know that do what myphpadmin do but with mssql and php?

    Thanks again

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