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    4 sites for sale cheap

    below please 4 nice buys on a few new turnkey sites.
    Here is a very nice diet site that sells ebooks with information on three most popular diets, at $14.95 or whatever price you want. (south beach, atkins, and weight watchers). Also has body weight calulator and diabetes diet center. All this for $25
    very nice site that is a boxed art affiliate site. Considering how good of buy boxedart is this site could do well. $25
    the name is a bit long, but its a term people search for so it could do well in search engines with time and work. Very nice looking site and product. $25
    here is a great site for someone looking to build an seo instruction or services site. This site would be great for a novice looking to build a large site. This site has an excellent CMS. If you can cut and paste you can make this site as large as you want. Everything (mostly, save some design) can be changed or added via admin. Has tellfriend links newletter, links, google, as well as you can add as many pages as you want. $25

    These are turnkey sites but nice ones on good names. Names are at enom and transfer is done with enom push. After push to your enom account I provide FTP data, I do not email zips, but if needed I will load a zip to the site. Thanks for looking.

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    I am interested in Nice Diets.

    Is that a unique domain?

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    All domains are unique, the site is turnkey though so its not unique as stated. Idownloaded is the only site that is not sold.

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