Just got a dual 5130 with MS Server 2003 x64 and will be using MS SQL 2005 Std x64 and dot Net 2.0 - which are required for the project.

I had Plesk 7.6 installed and found that it forced several services to run at 32 bit, including MSSQL.

The server is being used for one website, so domain administration is not high on the list, but being new to MS servers ( have Linux boxes), so I'm not comfortable without a CP. The more I read, I find that the CP does a lot of the security functions.

Any reccomendations on a Panel that will handle the 64 bit architecture w/o falling back to 32 bit??

I'm "assuming" that since this is hosting both the HTML (ASPX) and SQL on the same box, that I would benefit by using the 64 bit versions... running at 64bit, therefore my search...

Any input appreciated.