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    Suggestions on UK VPS with Helm, please.


    I currently have a dedicated server, but want to downgrade to a VPS as I don't need a full dedicated system any more.

    I really wanted Helm installed as that's what I have on my dedicated server and I know it really well.

    I am based in the UK so I'd really like one based here.

    I would like a reasonable bandwidth and diskspace, but the sites I've got running don't need too much.

    Any suggestions? I've had a look around, but can't find exactly what i want.

    I have about 50 to spend a month, but may be able to increase this a bit, if needed.


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    How many domains do you need as Helm is doing a free 5 domain license (I think) so you could install that and spend more on the VPS
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    I already actually own a full copy of Helm, its on my dedicated server (so i could move it to the VPS). But i wouldn't know how to install it, so I would have to pay to get it installed.

    If I got a VPS without Helm, it would have to be with a company that could install and configure HELM for me at a reasonable cost.

    I have about 30 domains on my server.

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    Most hosts should help installing helm, its quite a straight forward.

    Your budget should provide a high-quality VPS.
    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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