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    Arrow Quick question about PSM and SeeksAdmin...

    Okay - I am close to biting the bullet and will more than likely purchase a server from TMS and have someone external manage it for me.

    The only thing that is holding me back is the idea of having to move my content over as this needs to be done correctly. I understand that PSM and SeeksAdmin are very compentent with cpanel so I assume they will have the ability to move over my accounts which total over 80gigs of content spread over three cpanel accounts.

    The quick question I have is this.

    Beachcomber, who I am presently with, maintain all updates to the server including kernel/cpanel upgrades when the need arises. However, if I was to go with PSM or SeeksAdmin, would I have to request that they do this. If so, since I have no idea how a server works (or what a kernal is), how would I know when to request an update? Is there a certain time when a "kernel" needs updating?

    At the moment, Beachcomber manages the server completely. All I do is upload to the site and it runs. I don't send them any emails or requests whatsoever regarding the running of the server.

    TIA - Dav
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    Hi Dav,
    Have you tried using the Search feature? I'm sure you can find lots of information about PSM and SA because I see their names oftenly here.

    I'm not sure about PSM, but I have experience with SA:

    They are very flexible, no harm emailing them and see if they can come up something for you.

    Thanks and good luck!
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    In the case of PSM their service is reactive not proactive. You will have to ask them to do something.

    However they do have the monitoring service, so in case the server goes down they will know and contact your datacenter.

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