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    Hi , I have a VPS account with Webfusion , part of the Pipex Group - just a warning to would be customers that ive been locked out of my account for the last 10 days as the Plesk licence has expired - my account is up to date - Ive tried ringing the tech support - the usual reply is " well talk to Germany" , customer support is just as bad in fact even worse they agree there is a problem and then switch me through to tech support and the merry go round starts again - Who does one complain to at Pipex in these circumstances

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    Really bad to hear that your sites are down for 10 days. Did you talked with their manager ?
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    Did you send them a ticket? Or did you try to be in touch with them through e-mail?

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    Phone calls + emails , issue still not fixed. They couldnt care less . The whole experience has been a nightmare from the start . I only had 10 sites on out of a planned 80 and the server kept crashing. Emails take 48hrs + before being answered. Phone calls - 17 minutes was the last one and i still didnt get through .

    All in all Webfusion is a total waste of space

    I even got an email to say they had added a new feature with Web Mail only to get an email 48hrs later to say the email was a mistake !!!

    Be warned - stay away

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    Pack your things and move to a safer place, you can find a better host by talking to people here.

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    I'm hoping that you didn't make too much progress that you lost on their servers, or at least, have backups handy.

    I agree with Segey; you should find a new provider and if you have backups, upload them to your new host, and if you don't, be sure to take them regularly with your new host!
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