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Thread: Very slow SSL

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    Very slow SSL


    I am having a problem with a dedicated server. I run only one website, big space disk, but not very busy.

    The server is an Opteron 148, with 3GB of RAM. The network is a 100Mb/s, and there is no network problems.

    I run apache 1.3.37 with mod_ssl and with PHP 5.1.6, and the website under HTTPS is getting very very slow.

    I currently use the default httpd.conf file that offer DirectAdmin : .

    The load is very low (load average: 0.07, 0.17, 0.09), and the rest is working at the right speed.

    How can I accelerate the SSL ? Why it sometimes takes over 30 seconds to generate the page ? PHP even have a big size 200MB of ram.

    Help and tips much appreciate.

    Thank you.

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    Could you provide the domain name in question?

    If you're not comfortable doing that, you could send me a PM with the domain name.
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