Hey Folks,

Can anyone give me some recomendations of some traffic accounting packages?

I'm looking for something that drives the backend stats you get as a customer when you login to your Dedicated Server providers control panel. Traffic graphs / total throughput stats etc

The obvious way to do this is to ping the switch ports and generate graphs and stats using RRD tool. The other way to do it would be to mirror the external switch port and generate stats from there (this would discount 'internal' traffic between boxes, although there will be a seperate private LAN for this).

We can obviously roll our own, but to save on man hours are there any out the box packages (open source or otherwise) to generate the graphs, traffic levels and dump it all out in a nice customer friendly report (i.e not something like Cacti).

In other words, what does everyone else use...or is it a case that everyone has based the backend on mrtg / rrdtool and built their own reporting lauyer ad-hoc on top?