ill keep you posted with how it goes with my new host: hurricane electric

I have been aware of them for about 3 years, they own one of the top 10 networks in the world and i have a site hosted with "" ( who co-locate in one of their data centers.

The purpose of the site i will be hosting on is just an oscommerce script. It will be used 24 hours a day by my business so i need good uptime.

Every time i have visitited over the last 2 years they have always been online, i have sent around 50 emails to their ([email protected] dot net) email addy with questions and they have all been replied to within an hour.

I am looking forward to using this host as i have very high expectations of them.

They currently have yet to activate my account (their signup system said it would probably take about 24 hours as they do it by hand)

i will update you in a month.