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    Dedicated hosting needed

    I am after a cheap reliable dedicated hosting service that offers the following:

    1. Dynamic Subdomains creation for every new user signup.
    2. Dynamic Databases creation for every new user signup.
    3. Unlimited Subdomains and Databases.
    3. More Storage capacity.
    4. Zlib Support to be enabled.
    5. Zlib version
    6. Apache server.

    Your help will be mostly appreciated.

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    forumsdot, Dedicated hosting = renting a computer and then controlling it on ur own, this way you can achieve all above, there are lots of scripts available mostly supporting cPanel for automation.

    But the way you have asked it appears that you are looking for Shared hosting but I think in shared hosting you cant have automation for creating hosting account still if you want to have some forum stuff and automation then it can be achieved.

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    What kind of budget do you have in mind?
    If it's in the $5-$20 range, then you're looking for a shared or reseller account
    $100 and up then you're looking for a dedicated server
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    I am looking for a dedicated hosting package.

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    any dedicated should be good enuff then.

    You are going to all this yourself right?

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    Based on your requirement you need to have a dedicated server through which you can avail and control all the requirements that you need.

    You have to go for a dedicated server.

    Thank you.


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    You'll find most of your requirements on any dedicated server (or even a reseller /WHM package) - and requirements 1 and 2 should be satisfied by installing something like WHMAutoPilot or something similar.

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    What is your budget? What are you looking to spend for the dedicated package?

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    dedicated server

    i was like you. i didn't know much about dedicated servers, i always had shared hosting. as your site starts to grow though, it becomes a pain in the neck having to wait for your site to load like in 5 seconds, that's not good if you want ton keep increasing your traffic.i currently have a dedicaded server lease with they have been pretty good with their service so far. I don't want to get in trouble for advertising, so its better if you google "wanplanet" and search for their link. (they are pretty strick in this forum about links)

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    As far as I understand you'll need dedicated server with custom control panel. Won't you?

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