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    Disabling Open Proxy

    Hi all,

    Can anyone help in disabling open proxy in linux? I am using debain with qmail. since the open proxy is configured in my server the IP address is blocked in and the mails are bouncing. Please help to diable this feature and also let me know whether there will be any problems if we block that.

    Thanks in advance


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    Do you have cPanel? Are you sure it is because of an open proxy? Do you have any unsecure forms written in php? You know the header can be injected.
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    Thanks for reply. I don't have cube panel installed. But my IP is blocked in the server. I 've got the response from saying that to remove open proxy. Unfortunately I 'm not familier with that.

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    Open proxy or Open Relay?
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    Open Proxy

    It is open proxy only. Not open relay. Now I want to disable the Open Proxy, otherwise my IP will not be released from

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