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    Host Email Only?

    Currently our website and email are hosted by a service provider. We actually have the intention of hosting the email by ourselves, however we are not eager to host the website. Is that possible?

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    sure. you can have separate servers for web and email.

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    You can, but you will need a dedicated server and some skills to manage the mail server.

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    You can, just point the MX record in the DNS zone file to your server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segey
    You can, but you will need a dedicated server and some skills to manage the mail server.
    Really, a mail admins job is never done! I suggest you go find a few books on mail servers.

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    How intense is the mail admin job? Ya, I think it's very very very very horrifying.

    Actually we have a Windows 2003 SMB license that is not used. And we have lots of problems backing up, archiving and maintaining our emails currently, especially with our very "helpful" service provider. That's why we have this idea of hosting the email ourselves. But surely, that would be difficult...

    Or why don't we just use the Exchange server to receive all the emails from our service provider?

    By the way, how do you direct emails to my server while traffic to the website to the other? How do you set the name server, host name and IP address of the domain name? oooh~ complicated...

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    You may want to look at hiring someone to do all this for you.
    Having email sent to another server is extremely simple to setup, but it helps if you have a professional there to walk you through it.

    And, no, you don't need a dedicated server.
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