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    having problems with RVSkin, can someone please help?

    Hi all

    I'm not sure where to look for the problem, and the support from RV Global Soft is not that good, at all.

    I got RVSkin with my VPS plan, and recently decided to purchase RVSite Builder as well (BIG mistake!!!!) So, I got RVSite Builder, and want to use it. But I can't. I'm hoping someone on this forum couls shed some light on the matter for me.

    As root user, I created a few packages:

    All the packages, except for the White package should have RVSite Builder enabled.

    So, I logon to WHM, as root, Click on RVSkin Manager > Config > Package-Feature Manager > White > RVSite Builder > disable > OK

    Then, I take the same steps to enable it on the other packages.

    Now, when I logon as a normal user, who belongs to the main reseller (root can't access cPanel, so I had to create a reseller, who can manipulate all user's cPanels), who is on a bronze package, I don't see the RVSite Builder.
    I go one step further, and logon to WHM, as the same reseller. When I goto RVSkin Manager, I can only see the _default package, not the others that I created in root. I can, however, see them when I create a new account.

    So, my question is, how do I allow these packages to be available to resellers as well?
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    I think you've been posting in the wrong forum. This is the VPS forum, and your issue is control panel related, so you should have been posting in the "Hosting software and control panels" forum.

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