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    We have launched a niche search engine for scripts of any kind and also computer applications called

    We have tried to keep the minimalistic design and help users find results. We are making us of Google's cse service. We have added more than 200 scripting resources and sites for being able to search as of now and we will continue to add more.

    Do give us your suggestions to make this niche search engine much better.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Neat spelling, would be the first suggestion.
    Do you need suggestions as for the features of the search engine? Have you got the algorythm for search?

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    The Logo has to be re-worked. It gives a childish look rather than being a professional one. So for adding a site, one needs to write a mail ! Are there any other alternatives to it?

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    Thank you for the suggestions.
    We wanted to keep it as simple as possible and that how we ended up with that simple looking logo.

    Actually we make use of google coop for this search engine. We have added almost 200 scripting related resources to search.

    Currently we have only email us option to add sites. However, users who have experience can join us as contributors and add more sites. Write to me if you'd like to add resources and increase the search index for this.

    Yes... pls do give us suggestions on search features. We'd liek to look into them.

    We recently added folters at teh top of search results, do you want us to add more or modify teh existing ones? any inputs welcome.

    Thanks & Cheers

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    is it just a copy of google code search?
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    No it's not a copy of codesearch.

    Code search has its own algo of Google. But scriptoogle doesn't search code unlike krugle, koders or google code search, but instead it search the scripts and applications available for download.


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    So much like google. Are you using google co-op? nice site... except for the logo

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