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Thread: parse DMOZ data

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    parse DMOZ data

    I'm looking for software (win32) that will be able to parse the DMOZ RDF data. I have the content and structure files on my computer.

    I have looked into the extreme dmoz extractor but either the demo only allows the arts/movies category to be parsed or it's completely junk.

    I've also looked at the Dmoz Extractor 2 and it does not work with local files, it simply rips links from the dmoz site.

    Any suggestions/ideas? is a premium plugin to make a directory using WordPress racing, mods, sales, and general discussion of pocket bikes

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    I wrote a Java class couple of years back for parsing the Dmoz's RDF file. I still might have it somewhere on my old computer. Let me know if you need it and I will search for it.
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