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    Nap Of The Americas

    Does anyone here have available space at the NAP? I am looking to colo some servers in there.

    Cogent will be the tier-1 provider that i will like to use.

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    Since Cogent is not a tier-1 provider I wish you the best of luck pursuing that....

    Why don't you get some space direct of NOTA? Here is a list of 144 providers in NOTA so good luck, I'm sure one can provide you rack space:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksolidcolo
    How much space are you looking for and we can point you in the right direction.
    1 server? quarter rack? Half rack etc.
    Who's good?
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    they are expensive...But their network is pretty stable.
    Joman Sierra

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    i am looking for ( 4 U) Space and 5 MB/s pipe line
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