IT Hosting [] will not being selling accounts starting June 19, 2002 through August 19, 2002. Get your account today! Needless to say, the service will remain stellar during this time.

All plans include unlimited mail accounts, ftp accounts, subdomains, and mySQL databases. They all support PHP, CGI, SSI, cURL, python, frontpage extensions, custom error pages, protected directories, SSH, and the CPanel interface. All plans include a 99% uptime guarentee, a 14-day money back guarentee, and discounts for annual contracts.

Small I - $2.95/mo
50mb Web Space
1gb Bandwidth
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Small II - $3.95/mo
100mb Web Space
2gb Bandwidth
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Small III - $5.95/mo
250mb Web Space
5gb Bandwidth
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Small IV - $9.95/mo
500mb Web Space
10gb Bandwidth
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Large I - $14.95/mo
1000mb Web Space
20gb Bandwidth
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Large II - $19.95/mo
1500mb Web Space
30gb Bandwidth
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If you have questions or would like a custom plan, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

Gem Hexen
IT Hosting