I've had significant experience with Aplus.net, Layered Tech, and Rackspace, and I can honestly say that Verio is in a world of trouble. Their service is absolutely abysmal. One week in September we had two major servers outages in a one weeks span. And by major, I mean all five of our VPS servers were down for 3-6 hrs each time, our DNS servers were also down, so DNS requests pointing to our non Verio servers also failed. Just an unacceptable level of failure and incompetence.

The Dulles, VA data center apparently had a power outage one Friday due to a rain storm, which knocked out municipal power. However, their backups didn't come online to provide power in the meantime, taking all but the most critical servers offline. Our server was down for 3 hrs as a result. Then one week later, the following Friday, another power outage, and another failed backup generator...are you kidding me? The first one should never have happened, but the second? I think that signals the beginning of the end of Verio's business. Just a completely lousy way to run a business. Must be way over capacity and unable to handle it, but I can say with strong emphasis, stay away from this company.

I also have frequent problems contacting their support (typically they take up to 24hrs to return calls ... to compare, I can get Rackspace on the phone within a minute, always). I try numerous requests to their backroom admin interface, and from time to time, it is completely down, rendering me unable to register domains, change DNS entries, etc. Again, completely inexcusable.

For those of you that do have good experiences with Verio, I applaud you, because I suspect you are in the minority. Best of luck to you...our servers and clients will be migrated off all Verio servers and we will never be going back. Hello Rackspace, thank you for you tremendously professional support.