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    Global Web? [Split from 6 year old thread]

    Trust are NOT alone in this! These con-artists got a LOT of people from all over the country!
    If you are still interested in going after them, please post. There is a group of us who are going to take them to court...possibly Class Action suit.


    Quote Originally Posted by mhuka
    They have their own servers I suppose and so I was going to be a reseller for them. At the seminar, the speaker explained that they had templates and a shopping cart so as to make it easy for an end user to create their own website (That was true but at the time I was more interested in reselling web space rather than web designing) The speaker also explained that I could upload files either using their application or using regular FTP (That was not true becoz I could only upload one graphic, just a single graphic at a time, regardless of the number of graphics you had). Thirdly, he said I could transfer websites from other hosts to their server(s), without loosing the structure nor content of the web site (False, I tried to move my website from my previous host to their site and I lost everything, I had to recreate everything from scratch, tech support told me I was out of luck if I did not have the original site saved somewhere. Listen to this, even with the website content, I had to use copy and paste, to recreate my website, defeating every reason I had joined them. ) My original plan was to transfer all those domains I had to them so I could make money on hosting as a reseller. I found myself having to spent more time talking to lousy support on toll calls. Needless to say I wasnít very happy and I started looking on the web for reselling plans and thatís when I learned what a mistake I had made. I think theirs is an outright scam because they only gave me 3 days to get a refund and they falsified information to get me to sign up. I was a fool to even have associated with these mothers.. but ignorance got the better of me and I should have no excuse, However if more people have the same problem maybe this could be an intelligent scam these people are running. I know there are probably no lawyers here but any and all help is appreciated. They took $4000 out of my pocket and here I am seeking your advice.

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    Sorry I havent heard of them, was that something like "Cyberwings" ?
    - if that means something to you
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    Guys, can you tell me what you are talking about? I've never heard of these hosting companies (Global Web and Cyberwings). Judging your reports they are swindlers. Am I right? Share your experience with us.

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