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    publish dir list to webpage

    I am new to learning about about programming languages. I have an appache linux server and have a client that wants to repetetively upload a file folder to his site with pdf files. He wants a client to just be able to view the available pdf files listed in alphabetical order and click on the ones needed. I thought my solution was to be pretty simple. I would not create an index page and have the results appear as follows:

    but there is no way for me to expand the tables and cells to accomodate for very large files names. They just get cut off.

    I would just manually create html pages with the files but we are talking about hundreds of files and this would take a lot of time.

    Is there a simple php or javascript that can publish the directory list so it is viewable on a html page?

    Any help would be appreciated


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    try adding this line to your .htacess

    IndexOptions FancyIndexing NameWidth=*
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    alternateively, try
    IndexOptions -FancyIndexing

    then you just get a list of filenames with links and none of the other gubbins.

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    I'm not exactly sure I understand it but maybe something like this..

    PHP Code:
    12// how long can the longest name be?
    foreach(glob("*.pdf") as $f) {
    '<li><a href="'.$f.'">';
        if (
    strlen($f) > $maxlen) echo substr($f0$maxlen).'...';
        else echo 

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