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    Arrow Hosting Company for Sale - Approx 90 Clients, Website and Domain Included

    Hello everyone!
    I have been running my hosting business for about 1.5 years now and have loved every minute of it. Unfortunitely due to a new business venture I will be participating in, it has come time to sell.

    In this sale I will include all clients, servers, the full website, domain names, ModernBill leased license, ClientExec reseller Account, and a $7.95 enom reseller account. Sorry in advance for the long listing but I am trying to include every detail possible to be sure there is no confusion.

    The business has been constantly growing over the past year. I am now up to approx 90 clients. The majority pay on a monthly basis but there are a few that pay quarterly and annually as seen below.

    Clients Paying Monthly
    # of Clients on the plan Plans Monthly Cost
    62 $20.00 **Reseller Accounts
    10 $25.00 **Reseller Accounts
    1 $30.00 **Reseller Account
    6 $4.00
    2 $13

    Clients Paying Quarterly
    # of Clients on the plan Plans Quarterly Cost Renew Date
    1 $91 11/18/07 **Reseller Account
    1 $12 1/08/07

    Clients Paying Yearly
    # of Clients on the plan Plans Yearly Cost Renew Date
    1 $143 1/09/07
    1 $40 3/27/07
    1 $40 9/03/07
    1 $150 9/12/07
    1 $80 4/22/07
    1 $240 8/27/07 **Reseller Account
    1 $200 7/31/07 **Reseller Account

    Total Billed Annually: $20,241.00

    Server 1: $300/Month
    Server 2: $340/Month
    8 Extra IP's: $16/Month
    ModernBill Licenses: $22-$24/Month
    ClientExec Reseller Account: 10 Licenses @ $60 dollars per Month

    I currently run all of the above accounts on two servers that come fully managed. Both servers use cpanel/WHM and come complete with RVSkin and Fantastico. The servers are apart of LayeredTech but are managed by a seperate company. I really love the job these guys do and they have always answered every question within 30 minutes. If you would like to move the clients over to your own servers then that will work as well. I have listed the server specs below.
    Server 1
    Dual Xeon 2.4
    2 GB Memory
    1 x 160GB HD
    1 x 120GB HD

    Server 2
    Dual AMD Opteron 246
    2 GB Memory
    1 x 500GB HD
    1 x 250GB HD

    I will include the full website in the sale. I have spent many hours customizing it and working to fix errors. The site has a built in flash header and menu. It is not composed of 4 small pages but 12+ pages offering shared, reseller, email, and manged hosting solutions. I have also built in a form for customers to create custom plans.
    **A NDA agreement is required before I will give out the domain name.

    Domain Names:
    I will include the primary domain name as well as a second domain name in the sale (I don't use the second domain at this time but it does relate to the company name). Both of the domains don't expire for another 6-10 months. If you want the exact expiration date it can be provided. As stated above a NDA is required before I will give them out.

    ModernBill License:
    I am currently using ModernBill to handle all of the billing. I have an unlimited client leased license that I pay $22-24 dollars a month for. (It is from a UK reseller so the price varies based on the conversion ratio). There is 80+ days left of support from ModernBill.

    ClientExec Reseller Account:
    I currently have 10 ClientExec licenses that I offer to my clients at $6 dollars a piece. Six of the ten licenses are being used.

    Enom Domain Reseller Account:
    I have about 15 domains registered within my enom reseller account. Most clients purchase the domains elsewhere but it is fully integrated into ModernBill if they do decide to purchase from me. There is a current balance of $102 dollars in the enom reseller account that will be left for your future use.
    (There is also two subreseller accounts that two of my clients use to resell domains)

    I will also include two 468x60 banners with the sale. The banners were professionally designed and are very eye catching. (Note - the banners use the same basic design except once advertises a shared hosting plan while the other a reseller)
    **A NDA is also required for these.

    A few more notes:
    The clients are very easy to handle and can be manged by one person. I probable receive 1-2 support tickets a day. Most are regarding either a billing issue or domain problem. As I stated before if there is a technical problem I can't answer my server mangement company will have it resolved within 30 minutes. It should also be noted that I do not provide phone support to my clients. It is done 100% by support ticket and maybe an occasional talk on live chat. This makes it even easier to manage.

    The clients pay either through 2checkout or PayPal. I believe 2checkout will allow me to move the account into the buyers name. If that is the case then I will be happy to do so.

    The clients do not know about the sale at this time. I will notify them if a deal has been reached.

    I will answer all questions without an NDA as long as it does not reveal our company name or domain name. If you are ready to see the site then please either send me an email to [email protected] for an NDA.

    Please email me at [email protected] with any offers. I am looking to complete the sale by mid November at the latest (rather it be sooner). I will go ahead and set a BIN at $20,000 if anybody wants to jump on it.

    I think that about does it. If theres any other questions please send me an email at [email protected].

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    NDA has been sent. Let me know if you have any questions.

    I want to add that the BIN price is negotiable. I will be happy to consider all offers.

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    what if anything has change since this was posted before

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    I had sent signed NDA, waiting on details now

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    All emails have been answered.

    From the time the listing was submitted I have went back through my ModernBill to look everything over. I found one client that was still in the system but not paying. I have removed him which cuts the amount of clients on the $20 dollar a month reseller package to 61. Also, one more of my resellers purchased a ClientExec license for $6 dollars a month. That brings the number to 7 of the 10 licenses are being used.

    Let me know if anybody has any questions.

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    Any startprice?

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    I am not running this as an auction. If I get an offer that I believe is reasonable then I will sell the company.
    I am looking for something in at least the $15,000 range.

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    What is your monthly expense with the server management company?
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    ( deleted )
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    current bid

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    Can you post a bit more about the plan specifications? ie: For the 61 accounts at $20 each, what is the allocated diskspace/bandwidth, and what is the actual usage for all servers, etc..

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    Thanks for everybodies interest but the company has already been sold. Mods can close this thread.

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