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    Trying to find a good Windows Host

    I am new to our company. We are currently using zeonhost and it is not working out. The problem is all of our current sites are built with asp and we are using vpasp for our stores (i have been here for 2 weeks, inheritance is lovely). The site uses asp upload components and jmail and access databases.

    I have tried to search for windows hosting in the forums but could find very little.

    we have 4 domains and would like to be control them with one account like we do now.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Startlogic has bare minimum options for windows hosting, no multidomain support

    Readyhosting does not seem to be able to have multiple domains in one account

    any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    You might want to have a look at H-Sphere providers as they can fill this requirement pretty easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eron19

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    Take a look at DiscountASP.

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    thanks for the suggestions!

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    You can check easyasphosting too.
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    as mentioned earlier by mripguru , Hsphere works great with multiple domains and can easily be managed by one panel. What is your budget and requirements?
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    any host allowing multiple domains can do. I am not use if they have jmail, but you can contact Hung at for asking. They have Windows servers with Helm
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