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    A Webmin / Usermin question - can this be done?

    - My Server OS is RHES4
    - MTA is Sendmail
    - I have about 100 customers hosted
    - I cannot change to a CPanel server or any other control panel which needs to be installed on a fresh server and not on an live server.

    Now my query;
    I use webmin for server admin and offer usermin to my hosted customers. Is there anyway my hosted customers can create Mailboxes themselves and i can limit the number of Mailboxes that they can create?

    This feature does not exist in in usermin so my customers cant create mailboxes on their own.

    I just need a free control panel or something which would let users create milboxes and i can limit the number of mailboxes they can create.

    I understand this will require a script which will do two things;
    - add a Linux system user (pop user)
    - make entries in sendmail's virtusertable

    Is there any solution available to achieve the above with webmin / usermin or any other free control panel which can be installed on an existing server?

    Pls do not suggest control panels which require you to install everything from scratch. I already have customers hosted, so i need something which can plug into my server running Sendmail, Bind and Apache.
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