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    Exclamation Need Info about I hosting!

    Hi I just recently bought a server. I need steps to make my server work as a webhost. But Here are the details of my server and internet connection.

    3.0Ghz Intel P4
    2TB Hard Drive
    No OS (Which is choose?)

    Internet is 6MB Speed Download, but I don't know about the upstream. I got Cable. Comcast Internet.

    So how can I make my server work?

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    Just lost about 10 minutes worth of typing *grrrrrrr* damn kb!

    Anyway. long story short, host a domain just for you using MS 2k3. Install IIS, open ports 80, 25 & 110 and have a play. You'll see the difference between what you are running and what purpose built servers are running very quickly. You won't want to provide hosting to companies on it after that!

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    Everything depends on what software you want to install and the type of websites which you'll host.

    You should install an OS which is also compatible with the control panel you plan to use. Then you should install Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc. - everything depends on the requirements of the website(s).

    I assume you're running the server at home. A 6Mb connection is not enough for a server unless you'll only host a small website. This is not recommended if you plan to jump in the web hosting business, please search for similar threads if you want to know the reason why it won't work. You should send the server in a data center.
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    If Comcast is like TimeWarner you probably have less than 500 K upload speed, which is what those accessing your server would see. Not good. Also, Comcast probably blocks port 80 for incoming requests to prevent users from running web servers from home. But like SH-giles said, install Win2K and IIS. In fact, Win2K Professional with Personal Web Server will do. See how effective it is or if it even works.

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