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Thread: Steadfast VPS

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    Steadfast VPS

    I'm looking to start up a proxy site and was wondering what kind of server would I need?

    To start out, I was looking at Steadfast's VPS plans and was wondering if their Bronze VPS is good enough for the first few months.

    Any idea?

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    Yea, I understand that they aren't accepting any new orders till mid November, but does anyone know for sure that a VPS can handle a proxy site?

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    As I'm living in a country where wikipedia is blocked (guess what country...), I use a proxy for myself. Some of our customers uses proxies as well, and what I can say is that if your run ONLY a Squid proxy and are alone browsing with it, then 64MB of ram is enough. I don't know with a lot of users, but it should be ok.

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