I am offering advertising opportunity on my websites as follows:

1. CheckPR.net (and checkpr.org collectively) is a rapidly growing and easiest PR checking websites, Both are completely same, .net is PR3 and .org is none PR but first 1st rank in google and in first 10 in "check pr" keywords. Out of these two checkpr is getting 5-6 times more visitors then .org no idea why. Maybe because of my signature in many web forums.

I am offering Collectively Half-Yearly links(right now upto last date of April) in Bold in Footer of both websites collectively for just US$36, without Bold is US$24.

Multiple Links will be sold, Price will be same if you want more then one.

2. FSOBC.org Directory, It looks at 50+ uniques daily, just started 25 days before but overwhelming response, I accept 50+ URLs daily (Most of them are webmaster related, right now, I dunno why. but there are others as well)

I am offering very cheap option for featured links on HomePage of FSOBC Directory, Only 20$ for a year for a Featured entry and multiple will receive discount as well (10% for 2 entries and 20% for more then 2).

Paypal payment accepted, Address : [email protected] Quote tran id while sending your details as well.