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    Creating a new account with every domain

    Inside WHM, when you create a new account, it creates a domain along with it. Silly question but can you add new domains to an account that is already existing?

    If so, would cpanel be aggregated to show data for multiple domains?

    Maybe it's not possible? But I somehow think this should be doable.

    Any insight?

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    Hi Mealto,

    You can use the 'addon domain' in cpanel. This is basically a 'subdomain' of the main website (I mean its data are inside the /home/mainwebsite directory), but it has a domain name of its own, not a domain name.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, I see teh add-on domains now. But this also mean that the new domains point to a folder in teh primary domains. I think I get it now. Thanks.

    I posted this in the VPS forum because my VPS account gives me WHM but I am not a reseller.

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