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    * NameCheap, Registerfly, whats going on? UK

    Hi, i seem to have got my newly registered domain into some ramble.

    I registered my new domain with yesterday with success.... but no success... as in.. it said everything went fine... charged me... but then couldnt update anything... also it showed 3 hours later as registerable.

    I couldnt understand this.. so registered the same name at everything went fine.. it has finallly registered and now sits at the namecheap homepage when loaded.

    Sadly i changed the nameservers about 26 hours ago and they have still not updated, changed or made any attempt to propogate.

    a whois shows it is "awaiting registration" ??? now i have NEVER had this problem with a .com... if it works.. it works... so what is going on.. can anyone explain why propogation is taking so long.. or why my domain is STILL awaiting registration??

    I have emailed namecheap only in the past little while, but looking for the help of webhostingtalk members to possibly help me find out why this may be taking longer than usual

    Thanks in advance!!

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    "Registration request being processed" is a standard status message for .uk domains.

    It translates into: "This domain has been provisionally registered subject to the registrar paying their monthly account with Nominet" (Nominet = the registry).

    The status message will change to "Registered until renewal date" in about five weeks time - or earlier if Enom pay their bill early.

    BTW, is your name really "Linux Express"? If not you could lose your domain for having registered it with false details. I recommend you change the reg-type field to something other than "UK Individual".

    I don't know what went wrong with Registerfly but do know that they are quite prone to making mistakes with UK domains.

    If your servers didn't update in real time it'll be because your interface input will have to be translated into a PGP-signed email message that gets fed into the Nominet automaton, looks like Enom are perhaps rather slow in doing this.

    Registering a .uk is quite a different process from registering a .com, and from what I've seen it seems that only very few non-UK companies understand the process. I would not use a non-UK company to register a .uk.

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