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    What's up with ServerOrigin?

    Anybody know what happened to these folks?

    They ran a big ad a couple weeks ago in the offers forum, but now their domain is hosted at Dreamhost and their main website is gone -- you just get directed straight into a support page where nobody ever answers tickets. One of their servers is trying to send me mail, but it gets blocked because it's listed in the Spamhaus CBL for being misconfigured. (it is configured as localhost.localdomain for the server name)
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    It seems that during my absence from the company, there were several problems such as what you described. The managing company that was dealing with service tickets and company management had overlooked/disconnected many of our paying customers.

    As I am now back permanently, ServerOrigin is making a new effort to correct past complaints and work towards providing the service that was agreed upon. Please submit a ticket at and we will research your purchase and correct the problem.

    As I cannot make a public statement on WHT for publicity or the like. I do want to apologize to the few customers that had these types of problems. So far we have found 4 accounts that were discontinued without notice and we are doing everything possible to re-establish the trust and relationship we had with those customers.

    Of course, this goes for any other customers that were affected as we are now going through client activity over the past few months to resolve all complaints and issues that have arisen.

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