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    Time to change, but its so hard to choose!

    The time has come to change to a new dedicated server. But I just cant decide!
    I used to get a free server from my previous host in exchange I would send them clients since I sell ASP scripts and most of them need hosting. But they decided to pull that deal so im looking for a new host.

    My main sites are and

    I am in huge need of a new dedicated server and ive spent the last week going through every post I could find on decent servers but i just cant find what im looking for.

    I need the following:

    CPU at least 2.8 AMD or Intel
    Windows 2003
    2GB of Ram
    100+GB Hard Drive
    No control panel needed

    My budget is $130 a month, any recommendations??
    Drew G.
    ASP / MSSQL Coder
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    Slightly above your budget but softlayer has an offer on their $159 per month AMD operton 170. It's the only provider I can think of which are worth recommending and provide Windows 2003.

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