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    Lightbulb GoDaddy and PHP?

    Hey all just wanna ask this question! Please be kind and answer it as soon as you can if you know it!

    Well guys does GoDaddy offer support for PHP? Like installing Coppermine Galliers, PHPBB forums?

    So if I buy a hosting plan from GoDaddy will I be able to install a phpbb forum and coppermine gallery? Or any other Fantastico scripts?

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    GoDaddy does support PHP, but restrict some functions. If you ask them - they should be able to provide a list.

    Coppermine/PHPBB might not work on GoDaddy - but you would have to ask them directly.

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    Oh thanX man, then do you know of any cheap, reliable hosting place for my to host my forum and gallery! I have my site hosted on Godaddy so I would only need the new hosting for phpbb forums and coppermine?

    You know of any cheap, reliable web-hosts who will also give my other PHP, Fantastico scripts?

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    You can look in the offers forum in WHT. As well - many hosts that frequent here will have a link to their company site in their signatures.

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    Or any other Fantastico scripts?
    For the record, these arent fantastico scripts - these are open source, and freely available scripts - fantastico and other similar script installers simply provide a medium for users to install these scripts from a web GUI.

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    Coppermine is available on GoDaddy; phpBB has to be downloaded/uploaded/installed by yourself. They do have instructions for it though.

    See here -

    And here -

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    Thanx so much guys! It helped! I am right now will take a seperate hosting package from Siteground for all that!

    ThanX again!

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    Most of the host here offer PHP and Fantastico and requirements seems very basic therefore I don't think you have any problems finding a good host. I would suggest doing extra research, read reviews, look for money back guarantee etc and make sure you contact their support few times before making any commitments.

    Best of luck with your new host
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