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Thread: VPS OS Choice

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    Question VPS OS Choice

    Admittedly, I am new to the VPS arena. I am currently looking into testing my first VPS and was wondering if there are any advantages as to an OS for my VPS. I'm looking at either Fedora Core 5, CentOS, Debian, or Red Hat. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Well..for my book..centos 4 wins out. I use Centos more often than anything else. Fedora 5 is Ok..I guess..comes in #2. Now..if you are new to linux..there is no diastro more friendly than debian...with it's wonderful apt-get function..that..not only installs what you tell it to..but even gives you suggestions to other things that might compliment what you have chosen.

    It has been my experience that many VPS's don't even have yum installed by default..which is I would ask..and find a host that would either have it already installed..or would be willing to install it for you.

    Good luck!

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    My vote is for CentOS....-waves flag-

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    It depends on what you want.

    If you want the apt-cache and apt-get, Debian.
    If you want the yum tool, then CentOS.
    Red Hat has been EOL'd for a long time now.
    FC5 is okay.. definitely not gonna get my vote.

    The first two are the most revelant.
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    CentOS certainly seems to almost always win the popularity vote. One of the best OSes, IMHO.

    Advantages? It depends on how you look at it Denver. But almost always you will not have an "advantage" over one another, but solely based on your opinion and the way you wish to "move around".

    The great thing about VPSes (depending on the software), is that it is very easy to change OSes if you decide to do so. Most providers will be more than happy to assist you in doing that, and will also give you their opinions on their favorite OS as well. Never hurts to ask!
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    Debian, Suse, CentOS have most active user and developer communities, and you will not go wrong choosing one of them.

    CentOS is by far most popular because of an open source clone of RHEL, a big and responsible team from Redhat behind, and big opensource community too, This is the reason its preferred, I never fely any kind of problem with either CentOS or Debain woody. Next I am aiming on Suse

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    I would say CentOS as well. Same as Redhat Enterprise and most providers offer it. Debian would come in second IMHO. Best of luck.

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