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    getting a new VPS, need to change DNS

    I'm not sure how to do this.

    I currently have a BIND DNS, postfix, apache,and mysql server at a VPS. this VPS has gone offline alot this month and I decided I need a more reliable host.

    I went ahead and bought a new VPS and installed iptables, apache, and mysql.

    now the tricky part is. I don't know how to go about the DNS stuff.

    i have 2 domains. (pretend name) with name servers and and a second domain name for a personal website (which uses the name servers, but i'd like to figure out a way for it to use it's own name servers)

    my domains are purchased at the same place i got my VPS. im not going to transfer them. but what do i do to get them to go to my new VPS? I'm sort of thinking just go into the BIND setup, and everywhere i see the IP addresses that go to my current VPS change them to the new IP right?

    if possible id like to change my settings in a way to keep my to go to the same place and make my personal site go to my new VPS (so i can test out my postfix settings etc without taking my business site offline)

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    You have to configure the nameservers and domain's entries in the DNS zone file and /etc/named.conf, then update the nameserver records to your new server via domain registrar conrol panel.

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