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    Unhappy Still the exim problem - high load

    hi all,
    i still have an exim problem on a server and couldn't find a way to solve (or find somone who could) the loade goes from 0.80- >50 As soon as i suspend exim the server load is fine.
    Is ther any way to disable SMTP so no one can sent mails trough the server?
    I was told it is not possible but i hope somone has a "trick" to stop sending mails though

    Thanks a looot
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    Please check the exact reason for the server load to grow high due to exim processes to have a permanent solution for that. may be some mail server configuration problems or spamming like that? Also, check if there is any kind of DOS attack to the SMTP port. The following command should help

    netstat -plan|grep :25|awk {'print $5'}|cut -d: -f 1|sort|uniq -c|sort -nk 1
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    ok this command give me a lot of IP's with 1 connection (suppose connected to SMTP/exim)
    But there is one IP with 37 connections...i will go to see to what domain he is going to connect.

    thanks a lot (will update here)

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    couldnt' find the IP in one of the log files on server (exim_mainlog, messages, http access logs etc.)

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    Block that IP via firewall, restart the mail server and monitor the server load
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    ok done. Will update.

    Thanks a lot

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    ok there are always soem IP with hugh connection. When i blick then the load goes better. they most comes from poland adn asian...

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    You have to ask yourself why so many are connecting to you. By chance is your mail server allowing open relay of messages? If so, every spammer and their dog will want to connect to you.

    Check it out:
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