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    putty help + ion cube help!


    I get into my Putty put

    zend_extension = /<path>/
    in but I don't know how to save it?

    How do I save it?

    I tryed press cntl+S but never worked

    anybody give me help?


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    What exactly are you trying to do here? Do you have cPanel on your server?

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    No - I have plesk on my server I am trying to get it to work on my server for some clients of mine and do not really know how to do it

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    what editor do you use? vi?

    press ESC,then type :,type wq,Enter

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    If you are new to the distro, I would advise using "pico" or "nano" (EG: pico filename.txt) would open the file, right click and paste your text and then hit ctrl+x and "Y" to save.

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    Hey thanks guys I'm not the best at servers but yeah - I put my command in my php.ini file and its not booting up!

    edit: oh wait it just did

    edit again : nope it didnt work

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    might I suggest a 3'rd party management company to do this for you.

    Espcially since your a webhost...

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    i'm not a web host i only host a couple of my friends and I want to move into the shoutcast busness - I only host 3 friends thats it ...

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