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    Hi, guys....

    I need your opinions.... I got a template from TM and I changed a lot in it... including the flash and etc....

    so my old website is: and the new one is:

    The new website is not live yet..since it is not 100% complete..I am having problems with what to have on the left side of each page..if you look, many of them dont have anything in these spots... I definately dont want to use google ads.

    Maybe news or so?

    Please gimme your feedbacks as to what has to be modified/changed!

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    Much much better, cleaner and more professional!

    I don't like the flash music but I know lots of people do.

    I would add a big blurb about your company in detail, or more testimonials from clients. Right now it looks too generic and needs more info on you, right now when I view it could be any hosting company, make your name bigger or have a big company blog or something...
    Like passive recurring revenue you can retire on?
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    Appreciated! Thanks

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    yes, the new one is MUCH better.

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    Newer seems a lot better, but there's still room for improvement.. I will be glad if you cut on some images.. at it is making site a bit slower..

    Also the design crooks up a bit on Suse 10.1, Firefox 1.5 at 1024x768

    Best of Luck
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    Cool site, and cheap plans I think....

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